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J.D Crowe & The New South

So i`m currently enjoying the sweetness of analog playback of the musics... That sweet sweet juicy rich goodness with the occasional crackle and pop... Yep, i bought myself a record player... and i am LOVVVING it. 

I ventured up to the Hunter Record Fair ( Newcastle, Australia ) on the weekend and found me some absolute Bluegrass gems! 

All weekend i`ve been spinning Flatt & Scruggs, Bill Monroe and my fav at the moment, J.D Crowe & The New South! 

It`s put a whole new twist on things for me... A new respect and a new level of listening enjoyment... Ahhhh... Good times peoples, goooood times!

Now where`s that Mandolin... :-)


Tom Bukovac...

Tom Bukovac Lounge Guitar

Sometimes i stumble across something that just blows my brain balls apart... This here guy and video is one of those occasions... A little story to go along with it also... May i suggest listening to the video as reading the story ahead...

Back in 2011, when East Gosford Music was located on Victoria St, i was going about my business when three peoples walked in off the street... Two guys and a woman. As they walked around the shop it was evident they knew what was up and were checking out all the cool guitars / amps etc. I got chatting with them and turns out they were over here from the U.S to play at the CMC Rocks The Hunter festival here in NSW. I connected with one of them in particular, we chatted guitars, pedals, what he was up to in Australia... He was playing bass for his wife, whom was the woman mentioned earlier, and the other guy was also performing at CMC. 

Anyways, long story short... Turns out that guy was in fact Tom Bukovac! I had no idea who this guy was at the time, and probably for the better, as i would have acted like a little fan boy and probbbably made a fool of myself... Well, not really, but ya get what i mean! ha. 

As he was leaving he made mention of how he liked my store etc, i gave him a East Gosford Music T Shirt and was like hell yeah man, great chatting to ya have a great tour / time here in Oz... I`m like, my name is Trent... He`s like, Tom, Tom Bukovac... Awesome, great chatting, see ya round...

Enter google search of Tom Bukovac... Not stalkerish, was curious, he`s here from the U.S etc etc... Anyways... Mind = BLOWWWWWNNNN. The guy has played on a bazillion Nashville records... Is like THE dude... Check out this list... Stupid right!?! ...totally of the BEST guitar players on the planet imho. And a total BAWCE of a dude. Meeting & chatting with Tom was so inspiring on some many levels. 

Anyhow, i`m rambling... Everynow and then i watch this video and every single time it smacks me right in "that" place... I immediately pick up a guitar and WANT to play. That`s a gift. And maybe someone out there in this big bad world will get something from this guy also if ya don`t already know of his amazeness... 

Keep picking y`alll!

Time for lunch! 


P.S Check out this RIDICULOUS video also, It`s Tom, his wife Sarah and Jedd Hughes, they were the three mentioned that were in my shop that glorious day. Great peoples, Good times, Amazing musics.

Guitar & Vocal Tuition & East Gosford Music

Guitar tuition @ East Gosford Music & @ Henry Kendall High School has started with a bang this year... 

I currently have a only a few spots available @ East Gosford Music:

4pm & 6pm Thursday

Also have times pre 3pm on Thurs & Fridays. 

Really happy to also have Michael Muchow teaching @ EGM on a Monday afternoon. Michael is an amazing musician, his skills include, but not limited too, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Lap Steel, Songwriting, Vocal coaching, Pro Tools / Producing / Engineering... The guy is a weapon! 

Michael currently has available:

3pm, 3:30pm and 4:30pm Mondays. 

And lastly, Melody Feder is teaching Vocals @ EGM on a Thursday afternoon. Melody is extremely strong at teaching students who wish to play guitar and sing, the focus being on singing... dare i say Taylor Swift vibes! 

Melody has 3:30pm and 4pm available. 

Call me on 0425 203 441 or 43 25 2650 to discuss. 

Email Me!

Or message me thru the East Gosford Music Facebook Page

Yeeeee Hawwwwwwwww



Foggy Mountain Jam Shows

Hey Y`all!

So i had myself an absolute blast being part of the Foggy Mountain Jam Tour! I was filling in on Electric Guitar & Mandolin for the absent Bill Chambers. Kicked things off in Hahndorf S.A, then onto Renmark, Mt Gambier then across to Warrnambool VIC.

Playing the songs of Kasey Chambers, Ashleigh Dallas & Harry Hookey was an absolute treat! Then there was the jam section of the show which was simply wayyyyy too much fun!!! Someone would kick off a song and then in ya`d join and work it out as ya go. Made for some really special moments… annnnnnd the occasional train wreck! Livin is what i like to call it!!!

The Busby Marou boys were a blast! Great peoples and great music. Such a great crew, everyone involved was indeed a top chop! 

Get on over and like the Foggy Mountain Jam Facebook page and keep an eye out for the tour hitting your town sometime in 2014…

Back to business now! Was nice to have a break from teaching, but as always, i was more than ready to get home and back to the “normal” schedule teaching guitar at East Gosford Music.

Pick on, friends!

Catchs ya`s soon.



The Punk Rock Hillbilly

So for a bit of fun, i asked peoples on The Punk Rock Hillbilly facebook page what song they`de like me to have a crack at covering... After jamming every song that was mentioned, it was evident that Green Day`s - Basket Case was fitting the PRHB mold the best... Well, maybe best isn`t the right word... Easiest, least amount of effort is more to the point! Ha. So yeah, i slapped this together in a couple hours purely for the good times. 

Here she is... Enjoy! 

The Punk Rock Hillbilly - Basket Case - GREEN DAY


The Ramshackle Sessions

The Ramshackle Sessions is something i`ve been working on for a whiles... Couldn`t be happier with the 1st installment! 

Brooke Harvey is an amazing singer / songwriter and i absolutely LOVE playing music with this lady. We were playing a wedding up in Tocal, Hunter Valley NSW... We had an hour to kill between set up and 1st set... The lighting, location and everything was juts perfect for what i`ve always wanted to do with the Ramshackle Sessions, so boom... it was born! 

I have a plethora of ideas and artists i want to do Ramshackle Sessions with over the next year and beyond... Good times ahead peoples. 

Here is Ramshackle Installment Number 1!!!



( Click on pic below ) 

Foggy Mountain Jam Tour!

So i`m about to pla some amzzzzzing shows with Kasey Chambers, Harry Hookey, Ashleigh Dallas and Busby Marou!!! #megaexcited 

I`ll be filling in on electric guitar and some mandolin for the legendary Bill Chambers... I`m doing the first four shows of the tour and couldn`t be more excited!!! 

Well... I willl be even more excited when my finger heals up... I`ve managed to slice the ring finger on my fretting hand pretty damn well and it is healing, and should be fine for the shows, but i must admit i have been practicing the tunes with my usable two fingers atm! Ha. Let`s hope she heals up in time some some extra tasty lickage! 

Be sure to come and say G`Day if at the shows! :-) 



Tamworth Dates 2014

Playing with these lovely ladies in Tamworth this year! Come check a show...

Brooke Harvey
Rebecca Jane Willis
Kate Meurs

20th Jan The Pub 3-6
21st Jan The Goodies 12-3
22nd Jan The Family Hotel 5-8
23rd Jan The Goodies 12-3

Xmas / NYE / Twenty Fourteen...

Hey Y`all...

Man... Where to start... Has been a great time over the xmas break. Have played some great great shows with some great peoples. Today is the first day back at actually doing some real work! After a fantastic couple hours in the ocean this morning! BOO YAA!!!

So... The Reunion Festival was a T.R.E.A.T!!! Had the pleasure of playing mando with Kris Morris! Was so great to see people vibing and enjoying new original music! Little Kasey Chambers got up and laid down some sweet sweet harmonies which is never a bad thing! :-) Then my very first show with The Punk Rock Hillbilly went off with a BANG... Playing my favorite 90`s punk rock songs in a Bluegrass / Americana fashion... Whence again little Kasey Chambers & Kris Moriss got up on stage and helped me out... As did Johnny Devilseed on his 4 string banjo! It was a gooood time. Then 3rd set of the day playing loud electric gtr with Something With Numbers. That was really fun... Good peoples, good times. 

Ventured up too Tamworth for NYE... just to hang out and be merry. T`was a a great time... I even made the local TV news up there!!! ooooh yeah. #idiot

Last night Punk Rock Hillbilly supported BODYJAR @ Selina`s Coogee... One of the most fun gigs i`ve ever played. Can`t wait to do some more PRHB shows. 

Below is one of the mellower Punk Rock Hillbilly demo tracks if ya wanna check it out / get the vibes... 

Chow for now! Gotta pack for Tamworth!!! Bring.It.On!!!! Yewwwwwwww



The Reunion Festival:

So this weekend be a busy one... Rollergirl gig Thursday night - private function xmas party vibes, Friday night playing with a bunch of legends - Joel Attenborough - Dave & Casey McBeath as the GFnTs @ Avoca Hotel, that will be some gooooood times. Then Saturday i`ll be jamming out on my mandolin with Kris Morris, also doing a set of 90`s punk rock songs done in a Hillbilly`ish fashion... AND a set in Something With Numbers, all at The Reunion Festival on the Central Coast of NSW. Sunday will be jamming toonz with Corrie Collins a.k.a Rollergirl down at Anglers Brooklyn. Then... Holidays baby!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhh. 

I`ll be recording my debut E.P these holidays! Pretty siked on that! Really happy with the way its sounding thus far. 

Merry Xmas Y`all!!! Pick On!!!


Music @ Avoca Beachside Markets & RAMSHACKLE JAM

So Sunday 24th see`s Kris Morris, Michael Muchow, Melody Feder, Mike McCarthy, Paul Novosel and myself get our jam on! If the rain holds of, it will be a great day of music. 

9am - Kris Morris

10.15am - Michael Muchow & Melody Feder

11.30am - Mike McCarthy

12.45pm - RAMSHACKLE JAM *All in, pick a song a go! 

Come say G`day if you get down there. :-)


Troy Henderson E.P Session:

Had the pleasure of laying some tracks down on Troy Henderson`s new E.P this morning… Yee old Gretsch got a run, as did the 60`s Jag & Princeton… The Nash Strat provided some juicy goodness too. The Empress got a work out… and yeah yeah yeah, i know what you`re thinking… but the amp was out in the other room and it just felt right to use the Empress and keep the session flowing… But yes indeed, the trem / vibrato on that Princeton is something else all together…. Tang. Good times indeed! Can`t wait to here it when it`s all done! 

Now… for an afternoon of teaching Aviici and Vance Joy… 


Flashback Friday: 

Flicking thru you tube this morning as one does, and stumbled across this old video i had completely forgotten existed! One Dollar Short was a good effing time... This was always one of my favorite songs of ours. And like all good songs (imo), it came together in like 5 minutes flat... Checky just randomly played that opening bass line late one night in at East Gosford Music and i was like, yeah dude, that`s great keep it going... then we literally just jammed it out and POW... music was done! Then Scotte took a couple years to write the lyrics and whooska, Fingerprints was born. Good times... Check it out below... :-) 

Brooke Harvey...

Had the pleasure of noodling in a field with the sensational Brooke Harvey in November. We did a bunch of songs for the upcoming Ramshackle Sessions. Here`s a version of Garielle Aplins song "Please Don`t Say You Love Me" that Brooke does... Blessed. Check her out

Mama`s Secret Garden... So every second Thursday on the Central Coast i am blessed to be part of an amazzzzzing musical night... Basically it`s Kasey Chambers singer songwriter night... Read More...

Hey Y`all,

It`s no secret Kasey Chambers is like the most bad ass person there is... So why not come see her AND me, plus a bunch of stupidly talented and awesome human friends jam on the coast that is central! Read More...


This Sunday, 13th October, I`ll be playing Kirsty Akers awesome cafe "Millies House of Food & Music" in Kurri Kurri NSW. 11:30am - 2pm. It`s a super cool little gig... Great food and coffee, and chilled out relaxed music vibes. I`ll be playing a bunch of my new songs and also will have Mr joining in on the fun on his (t)rusty Trussard reso axe! Good times indeed. 


Hey Guys! 

This Saturday, Oct 5th, Olive Tree Markets will host a day of Alt Country Music! I`ll have the joy of jamming some of my own tunes ands also playing some mando with... Read more...

So i`m just coming out of a week of fluville. It hit me hard this time around! No fun at all. Starting to feel slightly human again just in time for Tuesday night jam nights!!! So Avoca Beach Hotel hosts a jam night every Tuesday night. It`s FREE entry and starts around 7pm. Full band line up... Read More... 

Ruby Boots show @ Castle Hill Country Music Festival... Read More 

Hey Folks,

So i`m sitting here in my studio @ East Gosford Music on the Central Coast of NSW where i do Guitar & Mandolin lessons listening to Darell Scott via Pandora Radio and eating a tasty banana. read more... 

Hey Y`all...

So for this righteous Lizottes Alt Country night coming up on the 24th July in Newcastle, this crazy puppet man caught wind of said event and made this little video for it! He`s done a stellar job. I`m thinking the place is gonna be packed now... surely... has to be right! Well, whatever happens, crazy puppet man, i think you`re a schaweeet little dude and i look forward to having a chin wag over a tasty cider with you at the gig. May even get crazy pupett man up for a song or three. :-) 

What a crazzzzzy few weeks it has been... I now know what it feels like to over commit ones self to gigs and just life in general. I still have this weekend to get thru then i`ll be back to the "normal" way of life. :-) BUT... I am super excited about this gig coming up... Alt Country Night @ Lizottes Newcastle with some SUPER duper talented friends!!! 

On the night you`ll hear and see Brooke Harvey, Michael Muchow, Ashleigh Dallas, Jess Belle & myself playing some tasty treats from the genre of Country that be Alt`ed. The music won`t be the only tasty treats on offer... You Lizottes bring the thunder when it comes to a tasty meal! Soooo getting dessert... Yum!!! 

There will be acoustic guitars, a mandolin, a upright bass and a fiddle... Roll that in with some amazing voices and talented songwriting, You`ve got yourself a GREAT night... AND it`s only ten bux!!! ;-)

Check out a few vids here to get a taste of what to expect on the night...

Here`s the facebook event page

Call (02) 4956 2066 to book a table! :-)

I can`t wait, gonna be tops!!! :-) 

So this weekend see`s five gigs. Tonight will be Rollergirl @ Gosford RSL, always a fun time with Corrie Collins. Then Saturday midday will be doing a trio gig with the sensational Brooke Harvey! Myself and Michael Muchow shall accompanie here by the water at Nelson Bays Marina. Part of the Blue Water Country Music Festival... Then Saturday night its back to Avoca SLSC to play a duo with Troy Henderson. Sunday see`s myself and the talented Michael Sparrow play Millies House Of Food @ Kurri Kurri, midday till 2:30pm. Alwats a treat playing at Millies, great food and audience. Then to top the weekend off, Vultre Street ( Powderfinger Tribute Band ) has their first gig... i`ll be weilding the L series Jag for this one... gonna be loud and rocking! Possibly the busiest weekend of show`s i`ve ever had. Bring it on!!! Hope to see ya at a gig. T. :-) 

So i have been blessed to be able to jam along with these absolute legends at the Bill Chambers singer songwriter nights held at Quattro cafe, Erina, on the Central Coast of NSW. They are held every second Thursday and are just THE BESSSSST thing ever. Totally unscripted, totally organic, totally AWESOME!!! Artists just get up and play, and we follow along. There are always some AMAZING guests... Kasey Chambers more times than not, Harry Hookey, Ben Conciella on the upright bass, Michael Muchow ( that guy can play bloody anything!), Melody Feder, Brooke Harvey ( Mmmmm Mmmmmm), Shawn Lidster, Jesse Belle + Looooooads more. And believe it or not, it`s FREE to attend. Quattro has great coffee and meals and is just a sensational location for these righteous nights... Can you tell i`m little bias towards it all? It`s on again tonight and i am actually feeling like i`m coming down with the flu... but alas, nothing will keep me from these nights! :-) P.s Thats` me on the Mandolin. ;-) 

Brooke Harvey - Karuah Bluegrass Festival:

Had the pleasure of playing alongside Brooke Harvey at the May 18th. Brooke is an amazzzzzing artist, and such a great, fun person to be around. I had an absoute blast following along on my mandolin. Ben Conciella brought the thunder on his upright bass and sweet harmonies. Below is a cool video from our time on stage at the festival... Enjoy! :-) P.s If you haven`t seen Mustard Courage or Hardrive, check it out... Amazing stuff. :-) 

The Hillbilly Chillers:

Easily one of the best shows i have ever played... Meeniyan Victoria with the Hillbilly Killers. Hands down greatest venue, staff i have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Can i please do every gig there! : )

The Hillbilly Killers shows!!!: 

I`m SUPER excited to be filling in on Mandolin & Banjo for a bunch of these Hillbilly Killers shows! Cannot wait!!! Yeee Hawww! Make sure you come and say hi! : )

Lizottes Show:

Wed 17th April Lizottes Solo Show! : )

Trent Crawford - Never Enough:

Here`s a song of mine "Never Enough" i recorded back in September 2011. Mr Michael Muchow on the blistering mandolin work. Ryan Hazel @ Ivory Lane Studios recorded and even did a sneaky backing vocal on it also. Enjoy! T. : ) 

Rollergirl Duo - Weddings / Events /Functions:

Check out Rollergirls NEW website. Rollergirl is myself and Corrie Collins playing all classic and modern tunes for Weddings, Clubs, Events etc. ( Click on photo ) 

The Punk Rock Hillbilly - Thrice Cover

Bored and alone on boxing day 2012... picked up a guitar around 7pm, 36 hours later i somehow ended up with this rendition and video for my favourite Thrice song "The Artist In The Ambulance"... Merry Xmas and Happy New Year... : )